About Us

Site for Community Services Programme (SCOSP) was founded in 2010, and is a registered Not-for-Profit, nation-wide Non Governmental Organization (NGO) committed to helping disadvantaged people, needy, HIV/AIDS orphans, and other less fortunate children living with albism in Uganda, and to enhance their lives through education.


Recent Projects

We have implemented a number of successful initiatives in the past.
We also welcome you if you wish to partner with us on your project. Please contact us if you wish to work with us on any of y/our projects.

Our work

SCOSP is committed to improving lives in Uganda and Africa.
We have a comprehensive range of programs that aim at making this a reality.

Albino Project

Promoting the rights and welfare of People With Albinism

Education & Training

Providing free and quality education for needy children

Human rights

Promoting equal human rights and democratic governance

Water & Sanitation

Increasing access to clean and safe water

Food & Nutrition

Promoting food security and healthy feeding

HIV/AIDS Prevetion

Combating the spread of HIV/AIDS


Protecting the environment and dealing with effects of Climate Change


Promoting sustainable projects that generate better and reliable incomes

SCOSP Principles & Values







Team work




Featured Reviews

Work that needs to be done is done in this organisation. Thank you!

-Freddy. E/ Weitblick Heidelberg

Thank you so much SCOSP for your good work. The world needs people like you!

-Daniela. D/ Weitblick Heidelberg

Donate to end skin cancer in People With Albinism!

Skin cancer in a major killer of people with albinism in sub Saharan Africa which is the hottest part of Africa. All the money goes to purchase and steadying supply of protective sunscreen lotion for people with albinism in Uganda. You have the power to end skin cancer among people with albinism by making a donation towards the  much needed sunscreen lotion. Thank you for your donation!

Our Partners

We are proudly affiliated to our reliable partners.
You can partner with us to supply sunscreen, support education, provide food and shelter, strengthen rights advocacy, and to create employment opportunities.

Have a question or want to partner with us?

Drop us a line during working hours. We'll be very happy to get in touch with you.