Skin cancer continues to terrorize the lives of people with albinism in Uganda

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Skin cancer continues to terrorize the lives of people with albinism in Uganda

Monday Robert, a person with albinism from Kisoro District of south western Uganda

Lost and found, Monday Robert returns after 3 years of disappearance!

Monday Robert 35 years old was born in Nyundo, Kisoro District South western Uganda. His parents refused give him school fees for him to get any form of education because of being born with albinism. They claimed that Robert would never be useful in future.

He is married with 4 children He was rendered homeless from his marital home and he fled for his life after prolonged domestic violence. He was neglected by his entire family and the community. He resorted to staying in the hills where he started burning charcoal and selling it for survival. But he was not earning much from this venture.

If he gets capital he wants to start selling used clothes commonly known as to as second hand clothes in Kisoro city markets.

He said he developed painful wounds about four years ago and he first did seek treatment from Nyundo health unit but health workers there told him that they could not manage his medical condition. He was then referred to get treatment from an advanced medical facility/hospital.  

Monday Robert during the medical examination today he displayed his painful wounds that require urgent treatment.

Today August 21, 2021, Robert walked for 25 kilometers to reach SCOSP Kisoro office when he heard from the radio announcement that we had planned a monthly meeting.

He is looking for a good Samaritan to help him with support to get medical care and later to start a small income project to earn a living.

According to the skin cancer doctor today, 24th August 2021, Monday Robert's total bill $1120  this does not include transport to and from the hospital. Transport costs depend on the bus rates periodically.

By the SCOSP Team.

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