The adversity of raising children with albinism in Uganda

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The adversity of raising children with albinism in Uganda

Liz, Solomon,  and Merina with their mother. They need your support for urgent care package and education

The task of rising up children with albinism in Uganda and Africa comes with difficulties that feel like it takes the soul out of every one of their parents.  
In my  many years of experience working to empower this  group of people with albinism, I have learnt that the negative perceptions of the community members, family members has made parenting to these children an uphill task.

Most families have decided to migrate from some villages to other villages where they have been mistreated and discriminated and stigmatized. Some schools refuse to admit these children with albinism thus denying them a chance excel in their academic career.

 The children and parents are so worried about the ritual sacrifices and trafficking of these children with albinism. Protection of these children from the sun and traffickers, and from rituals is the duty of everyone. To surmount this predicament, these children need you to be their oasis in the desert of lost hope.  
This is possible if these children get support for their immediate needs and education sponsorship for the long term impact if we are to give them a better future.
“Education is the only weapon that we can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela.

                                                         Solomon, Merina and Liz need your support for education.

Their father Robert got a health problem that led him to lose his job and yet he was the only breadwinner for the family. Their mother Scovia who is a peasant is asking good Samaritans to sponsor the education of their beautiful children, Elizabeth, Solomon and Merina in the Picture above.

Their sister Tiffany also needs help since their parents can no longer afford to send their children to a good school for a decent education. Solomon 5 years old is going Top class, Merian7years old if going to primary three, Eliz 13 years old completed primary seven and qualified for Senior one at a vocational skills secondary school.

                                                                          Merina aged 7 years  in her school uniform
You can share with your family and friends about the urgent needs and education need  of these children with albinism.

                                                                Meet Solomon in his school uniform, he is a child with albinism aged 5 years

And below is Liz 13 years old. She completed her primary seven and hopes to join secondary education for skills if she gets a sponsor. You can sponsor her hope and the hope of her siblings Merina and Solomon.

Meet Liz a very intelligent girl with albinism in Uganda.

Thank you!

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