The Surgery for Monday Robert of Birembo Kisoro Disrict was successful

Category : Skin Cancer | Sub Category : Treatment Posted on 2021-12-19 07:16:52

The Surgery for Monday Robert of Birembo Kisoro Disrict was successful

Monday Robert was operated on successfully from Mutolele Hospital Kisoro District, south western Uganda.

He was in great pain which prompted the SCOSP team to act swiftly to arrange with Mutolele Hospital to perform the necessary medical procedure on his chest that had deep carcinoma lesions as seen in the picture below.

Today the SCOSP team visited Monday Robert as he has no one to attend to him at the hospital. Like it was for Maxi at Mulago, Robert is also with no once to attend to him apart the medical personnel and the SCOSP team that goes regularly.

Besides, Monday is promising and today he was stronger and he continue to respond positively to the medication!
Robert today on his hospital Bed and looking stronger today and he attested to that fact that he getting better.

Robert remains under admission to received post surgery care by the processional medical personnel who are very caring and don't discriminate at all.
Many thanks to the SCOSP team and the medical personnel at St. Francis Mutolele Hospital for the tireless work.

 Your labour in the Lord is not vain.  1 Corinthians 15:58
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